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  1. migalyto

    Optical (InfraRed) Grade Crossing Flasher Circuit

    If you had a single mainline, how many sensors would you use? Would the IR sensors be the best way to go? I'm in a basement with non uniform lighting (brighter in some arears, dimmer in others).
  2. migalyto

    Optical (InfraRed) Grade Crossing Flasher Circuit

    Would they work with something like these?
  3. migalyto

    Hello from Winnipeg Manitoba Canada

    Welcome to the group Hugh.
  4. migalyto

    Spring floods caused some serious issues

    That's a beautiful loco!
  5. migalyto

    Spring floods caused some serious issues

    Our area is dealing with it as well. Here is a video of the city west of me. Its the Mighty Mississippi!
  6. migalyto

    1:87 Scale BIG BOY Loco Model

    With your electronics background, you could do some cool lighting effects. post your progress. Looks like a fun project!
  7. migalyto

    What A Difference A Bath Makes!

    Its probably along the lines of what I was thinking when I first seen the title!
  8. migalyto

    If Atlas Production Moved To the USA.....

    Several of the manufacturers broke it down when the China factory debacle took place last year. It wasn't quite that much, but more than double what were paying now.
  9. migalyto

    After 40 yrs,

    Yardmaster.....Welcome to the group!
  10. migalyto

    A blank canvas

    looks like your off to a great start. What are your plans to fill all that area?
  11. migalyto

    HO Kits from Hobbytown of Boston, Cary Locomotive, Central Valley, and Walthers

    To get a general idea, you can go to Ebay under sold listings (check buy it now, and auction). It would give you a starting point. If you are on Facebook, there are a number of For Sale groups.
  12. migalyto

    New in Iowa

    Michael.....Welcome to the group.
  13. migalyto

    New member

    Welcome to the group!
  14. migalyto

    Big Boy 4014

    I watched this last night. I hope they let it do more than excursion service. This thing is a beast, let her loose!
  15. migalyto

    Running Bear's May 2019 Coffee Shop

    Happy May everyone!
  16. migalyto

    Running Bear's April 2019 Coffee Shop

    I know right! Ive been hanging around all day, and was wondering the same thing.
  17. migalyto

    Beagle Creek Railroad - Follow Your Nose!

    Nicely done! Thanks for sharing.
  18. migalyto

    Running Bear's April 2019 Coffee Shop

    Good morning all, Rainy Saturday here. Daughters softball game was cancelled, so nothing happening here till Church, and dinner out with the family. Be a good day to slip down to the basement, and run some trains. Have a Great day all!
  19. migalyto

    A building, a layout, finally!!

    I use this program. It’s easy to use, has great features. The nice thing is there is a train simulator that you can use to run trains on you track plan as you develop it.
  20. migalyto

    Running Bear's April 2019 Coffee Shop

    Willie.....Awesome looking curve! What is the radius you’re running? is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to