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  1. Greg@mnrr

    Live loads

    John Tews' Timber River Railway has an interesting way of handling loads in and empties out for his ore loading dock. He has removable ore loads that can manually be unloaded or he constructed an auto unloader. Colored pins on the ore loads indicate the type of ore. Check the web for this...
  2. Greg@mnrr

    Running Bear's May 2019 Coffee Shop

    Good Afternoon Everyone...just came up from the train room. Planted some additional "weeds" in a wet area of the layout to add more visual interest. Next comes the lily pads installation when the 1/8" punch arrives tomorrow from Micro-Mark. Started to weathered a BB SOO Line grain box car...
  3. Greg@mnrr

    Laying Rail in my Helix, hints/suggestions

    Inside my Saxeville tunnel, I used strips of poster cardboard cut to approximately two inches wide and the length of the board (22 inches) and stapled them to the sides of the plywood sub-roadbed to prevent any mishaps. Its easy to remove a section for maintenance or any other reason. A very...
  4. Greg@mnrr

    Wiring Distribution Feeder/Bus Blocks

    If I was starting over I'll use the feeder blocks. On my current layout I used terminal blocks that I wired to provide feeds for the lighting and special effects. The terminals make wire tracing easier as well as installing the wiring for the layout. Great looking product. Greg
  5. Greg@mnrr

    Running Bear's May 2019 Coffee Shop

    Good Afternoon Everyone.......rain and then sun here in Wisconsin. Just drove home in the rain from the cabin. Mostly heavy rain on Interstate 41 with some of the traffic traveling at 70+ mph....crazy in the heavy rain. Came home to find that the deer pruned a new bush we just planted last...
  6. Greg@mnrr

    Building the Pinacle Creek Mining & Timber Co. RR

    Most larger companies monitor email systems. I know that from my personal experiences at work. Greg
  7. Greg@mnrr

    Signal/telegraph pole spacing

    Trailrider: I been spacing my utility poles at approximately 125 scale feet and they look prototypical. The spacing depends on a lot of factors and the earlier poles were closer than those of today. Some poles were far apart as 300 feet. Electric had at least two lines if not three and one...
  8. Greg@mnrr

    Signal and turnout control options

    The PR-3 or the newer PR-4 also provides a display of what the values were programmed for the CV's. I have a PR-4 and and enjoy the ease and little time it requires to do programming. It will only program sound files to Digitrax decoders. Greg
  9. Greg@mnrr

    Building the Pinacle Creek Mining & Timber Co. RR

    I never understood Photo Bucket. Why not use an external hard drive to store photographs? Greg
  10. Greg@mnrr

    China Tariffs

    I wonder what the effect of mass 3-D printing may have on the production of model locomotive shells and the reduction of production costs.
  11. Greg@mnrr

    China Tariffs

    Chris: Good point. My 2004 Tundra was assembled in the US but many of the parts were from Japan. Greg
  12. Greg@mnrr

    China Tariffs

    Espeefan: I used the production cost of $35.00 for a Chinese product with a 25% tariff, not the final cost of the product. But...there was an error in the calculation of the tariff at $8.50 which should of been $8.75. Have to throw away that darn Chinese calculator!!! Greg
  13. Greg@mnrr

    China Tariffs

    D&J is correct in what he stated about the effects of the higher or new tariffs. If the cost to produce an item in China is $35, with a 25% tariff the actual cost to the importer rises to $43.75 in which the added $8.75 will be passed along to the customer. So with markups for transportation...
  14. Greg@mnrr

    MR Magazines

    Any local clubs, libraries or even a doctor's office? Greg
  15. Greg@mnrr

    Running Bear's May 2019 Coffee Shop

    Chet: Are you playing with my mind or did you add a photo to your last post? Greg
  16. Greg@mnrr

    Helix Derailments, rare or common place

    I have a friend who has a N scale helix of approximately 1% and his helix ran flawlessly when I visited the layout and he ran two trains for at least an hour and a half. The curves were wide and if I had to make a guess a 30 inch radius in N scale which helped make the helix bullet proof. The...
  17. Greg@mnrr

    Decoder for Miller Engineering Signs

    I have several Miller signs and I don't want to run a new buss line for their power and using batteries is expensive. Using a separate power supply is also out of the question. I may tap into my Woodland Scenics buss line that powers the LED's on the layout since it runs from end to end...
  18. Greg@mnrr

    Running Bear's May 2019 Coffee Shop

    Good Morning Everyone....beautiful morning here in Wisconsin. Sprayed some weeds in a T shirt since the weather is so nice. Dave: Nice camp fire, we tried to start one this weekend but the wood is so wet that was little fire unless lots of lighter fluid was used. Great scene with the saw...
  19. Greg@mnrr

    Running Bear's May 2019 Coffee Shop

    Good Afternoon Everyone...just came home form the cabin. Spring is finally here I hope with the leaves starting to leaf out. Looking forward to the layout tomorrow. Next weekend is a trip planned to travel to Nekoosa, Wisconsin which is a paper mill town in Central Wisconsin. Interesting...
  20. Greg@mnrr

    Looking for n scale chickens

    Z scale ants maybe in the future. Ants...what ants??? Greg is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to