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  1. JazzDad

    When you have to share the street with a train.

    That engineer didn't signal for his right turn!
  2. JazzDad

    SOLD - Marx 8994

    Sold off forum for $25.
  3. JazzDad

    O Scale Vehicles

    Whelen Freedom/ Edge
  4. JazzDad

    O Scale Vehicles

    The white car may have Freedom bar on it. (It's what I have on my car.)
  5. JazzDad

    O scale layout

    That local team really packs 'em in!
  6. JazzDad

    SOLD - Marx 8994

    Link within this forum
  7. JazzDad

    SOLD - Marx 8994

    I was helping a widow neighbor clean her garage and she mentioned her husband's train set. It is a Marx 8994, in the original box. I agreed to look into its value and possibly sell it for her. I can upload pix if anyone is interested. The track is dirty, but the engine does run. (Turning...
  8. JazzDad

    HO Scale Police Car with Lights

    And like most jurisdictions, you put the red on the correct side!
  9. JazzDad

    Hello From Hobbytronics

    Welcome to the forum. Any free samples for us to review? :p
  10. JazzDad

    Model this?

    Here's another idea for your layout. When people ask, tell them the track gang was drunk.
  11. JazzDad

    How many engines do you own?

    I have two engines. One in service and one dead off on an abandoned siding. As a small narrow gauge line owner, I can't even imagine you guys that own more than one.
  12. JazzDad

    A local problem ??

    Unfortunately, the 'net is full of train/ vehicle collisions. No surprise - I see the way people drive on my daily commute. There is no patience; they have to go faster, faster, faster and take unreasonable risks. Can't wait for a traffic light, so they'll cut through a business parking...
  13. JazzDad

    The cost of highspeed rail is expensive, but can we really afford not to consider it?

    We should be ashamed of our rail network, compared to Europe. You can get around there without a car. The argument is that, in the US, due to our vast expanse, you will never be able to get around without a car. It seems each time a high-speed train is discussed in Texas, some group shoots...
  14. JazzDad

    Trophy Points?

    Great job, Bob. (And it rhymed!)
  15. JazzDad

    The Politically Incorrect thread

    Re: "5 billion does get much of a wall these days". It's in scale money.
  16. JazzDad

    Building the Emslandbahn, a German Ore train layout

    I think he means your room is so clean. I love the holes through the framing, with the edges routed smooth.
  17. JazzDad

    The Politically Incorrect thread

    I saw a lashup today led by a UP loco, trailed by two Ferromex units. This needs to stop. We need to build a wall. Mexican engines are taking American jobs.
  18. JazzDad

    Trophy Points?

    It's a major award!
  19. JazzDad

    Rehabbing Your Railroad...

    My "rehab" will be moving the layout (already crated) about 950 miles to my new house.
  20. JazzDad

    Model this?

    This would be a simple model to build. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to