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    Ok, I understand where you're coming from now.
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    DC Scale Automatic Back-n-Forth (Trolley) Circuit

    How do I find your listings on eBay?
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    I'm 56, and have a $1,500 dollar cell phone. For the line of work that I'm in I would give up a lot of things before I gave up that cellphone.
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    Digitrax Track Power Indications on LocoNet Panel and Throttles do not Work

    They must have been having an off day, as my experience with Digitrax support, has always been excellent.
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    TCS Keep Alive Mother Board with loksound 21 pin installed

    Someone on another forum, is saying that as long as the capacitor is allowed to drain before trying to run, it will work to program, with the ESu decoder, and the TCS motherboard.
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    TCS Keep Alive Mother Board with loksound 21 pin installed

    Can the TCS keep alive be removed for programming, then re-installed? Or buy a mother board with out the keep alive for programming, then when complete, put in the motherboard with the keep alive.
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    TCS Keep Alive Mother Board with loksound 21 pin installed

    You can plug in the ESu 21 pin decoder, into the TCS mother board, with the keep alive, and the keep alive will keep the ESu decoder "alive". The problem is going to be programming the ESu decoder, as the TCS keep alive circuit will interfere with the programming, as the capacitor will absorb...
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    Switch indicator Leds to bright

    My best guess, would be they are pulsing the lights to give the appearance of dimming, this would give a lot more control over the operation of the light, then just using a resistor.
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    New HO Track from Lionel!

    Where does one find this, or any HO stuff on their website?
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    DC Electrical Interference

    It will not, why do you ask?
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    Traincontroller - a Series of 55 'How To' Videos

    Cool, looking forward to watching the series, would like to implement this on my railroad for animation.
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    What Size Resistor?

    If you take a look at the devices in the links I posted, you will see that they will work on a voltage range of 5 to 90 volts, but will only allow 20mA through regardless of the voltage. A resistor is doing something similar, but the current output, will change based on the input voltage.
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    What Size Resistor?

    No, you can't beat the price of resistors, just throwing out another idea.
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    What Size Resistor?

    You might also want to try these: With these, there is no reason to worry about, voltage, or determining resistor...
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    Reversing Loop Controllers

    The cap is on the other side of the rectifier section, therefore it never "sees" the change in polarity.
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    Power Supply to 4 Digitrax DS64s

    Sounds about right.
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    Power Supply to 4 Digitrax DS64s

    In response to your original question, yes you can use one power supply properly sized to power more than one DS64. Myself personally, I would also add a fuse to each individual circuit, that way the current one DS64 can draw is limited, in the event there is a short circuit.
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    Cheap DCC decoders

    Pico scope, has the ability to decode the DCC packets. As far as wanting to control switches, lights, etc., take a look at LCC, (Layout Command Control). It runs on a hardwire network, and uses CANbus as the communications protocol.
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    Which Controller?

    If you read what he says, he wants to move to HO due to a bigger selection of equipment. Based on what you have said, I would take a look at the Digitrax Zephyr Xtra. It is a console, so it will just sit right where you put it, the Zephyr as it comes from the box, has the throttle built into the...
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    DCC 'slaving' A & B units

    It's been awhile since I've used JMRI, but I think, once it reads the CV's in the decoder, will show which output is what, and the program is free. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to