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  1. malletman

    Building the Emslandbahn, a German Ore train layout

    Started getting price quotes together for the needed track. From AJCkids, one of the larger dealers of Marklin in the USA, it will be $405 plus shipping. The bulk of the cost being turnouts that I do not already have. This does not include the turnout motors or decoders I would still need. I...
  2. malletman

    Building the Emslandbahn, a German Ore train layout

    Sorry, being autistic, I dont understand or realize when someone is being sarcastic. But yes I see what you mean now. Now my work bench looks like a tornado went thru!
  3. malletman

    Building the Emslandbahn, a German Ore train layout

    He must mean it with some sarcasam, as its quite a mess under the bench work and my work bench is a total disaster area. But I am working on that. I am fed up with the clutter in my room so I am taking care of that while awaiting the track needed to complete the track plan. Going to make a...
  4. malletman

    Building the Emslandbahn, a German Ore train layout

    What do you mean by sterile? As in flat table top? There will be some raised terrain on the side of the layout not shown. And the green is just a base coat on the wood, other colors and scenery material once the track and buildings are in or chosen.
  5. malletman

    Building the Emslandbahn, a German Ore train layout

    I am in the process of building an HO scale layout based on the ore train operations of the DB railway out of Emden, Germany. Emden was the northern terminus where unit trains(Langer Heinrich or Long Henry) was loaded from ocean going ships. Ore was then hauled south to the industrial region in...
  6. malletman

    New HO Track from Lionel!

    Only difference between men and boys are the price of our "toys"!! I also have a couple locomotives that cost as much as a cheap used car. Both being G scale live steam locomotives. I agree, anything these companies, espically Lionel, can do to bring in new blood to the hobby is a good...
  7. malletman

    Regner Live Steam Stainz running last Sunday

    Our local steam group set up our portable layout at the NMRA show in Noblesville, Indiana last Sunday. I took a short video of my Stainz pulling 3 LGB coaches. Same size as the LGB track powere one, but this one is Live Steam, burning butane gas to create steam. Enjoy! Mike
  8. malletman

    LGB Train power help...

    I concur that the motor in the Stainz is starting to fail and needs replacement. Any good LGB shop should have the motor instock. If your unable to repair it your self, many shops offer this service. I use Zionsville Train Depot located in Indiana near Indianapolis for my repair work. That...
  9. malletman

    New Layout bench work is up, need help w/track plan & scenery

    This was going to be a Marklin German theme layout, but I discovered a shortline in Michigan that has changed the course of things. The benchwork and table top is up, so I have to adapted to that. The width is 8 foot, with a 4 foot width but its narrowed in the middle to allow me access to the...
  10. malletman

    My proto freelance shortline start up motive power

    Thank you. I cant wait to get the paint work started. The Diesel will be first. I thought I had proper PRR Tuscan Red on hand, but I do not. Cant do anything except the chassis till the roof top AC unit arrives and is soldered in place behind the horn and beacon. That will complete her ex...
  11. malletman

    My proto freelance shortline start up motive power

    Here is our lines GP35. She was purchased from the ATSF out of their deadline, its been thru one rebuild but was sidelined with mechanical issues before the rebuilt that moved the headlight to the nose. Our shop forces replaced the missing air horn with a stacked 5 chime we had on hand, along...
  12. malletman

    Lindsey cast brass EMD NW2 for trade

    Let me know what you have Jerome, she is just sitting on the shelf looking for a home
  13. malletman

    Who makes the best model diesel locomotives?

    Only one brand beats out models with a Kato drive, and that is newer Overland Models brass diesels. However they are a bit salty price wise. But, the fully loaded plastic models are getting closer to the second hand prices for many of the older green box era models
  14. malletman

    Does your homeroad/proto freelance line have a back story?

    Do you, when building a home road or proto freelance line, develope a back story, for the railroad or where various engines came from? Mine is proto freelanced off an excursion line I rode as a young boy. The Logansport & Eel River owned what was left of the PRR Butler Branch in Logansport...
  15. malletman

    post your model RR tips........

    Do not be afraid of buying a brass engine, but always ask for advise as there are plenty of duds in EVERY importer brand. Many duds can be turned into find models, but may not be the best choice for your first purchase. Brass steam is much easier to work on/service vs anything I have worked on...
  16. malletman

    Tenshodo Brass DM&IR caboose for sale or trade

    Factory painted Tenshodo brass DM&IR caboose for trade, has sprung trucks, Kaydee couplers, no original box though. Looking for another brass caboose, either from the C&O, B&O, PRR or non railroad specific. What do you have to offer. Cash price is $95 plus shipping.
  17. malletman

    Here is an oldie for you all, late 1940's USA made brass NW2

    Made by Lindsey first in cast brass and later in zamac after 1950. Single self contained Lindsey power truck, even has a skewed armature, something that other motor builders did not incorperate till many years later. Very heavy being cast brass. This one I have up for trade in the proper...
  18. malletman

    Lindsey cast brass EMD NW2 for trade

    This is a very old(1940's) cast brass EMD NW2 made by Lindsey in the USA. Has single Lindsey power truck, runs well for its age, front and rear steps soldered on. Headlights drilled out for lighting. Looking to trade for an Alco Models EMD SW1, Alco S2 or other older 4 axle road unit... is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to