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  1. Railrunner130

    Building the Pinacle Creek Mining & Timber Co. RR

    I hope things go well for you Jim. The model railroad world needs you back! (And your back). Sorry for the bad pun...
  2. Railrunner130

    Best 1950's era service station?

    I'd love to find one of these old Pure Oil gas stations in HO.
  3. Railrunner130

    Best 1950's era service station? has a bunch. I've purchased two of the Gulf Stations. Neither one of which I plan on using as a gas station. LoL. I also have one kit by Banta. Bar Mills also has two available. It all depends on the look you are going for.
  4. Railrunner130

    Best place to sell?

    Sort of like what Bob said, advertise here first. If you put it on Ebay, you'll end up with a bunch of fees. You won't get as much traffic here, but I think the people are more serious about buying here.
  5. Railrunner130

    Life Like 0-4-0 DCC project

    I did one exactly like that a few years back. It's a good little runner. I think I had to do some finagling to get the kadee couplers on it.
  6. Railrunner130

    Now that Floquil is gone ...

    OK. Thanks for clearing that up!
  7. Railrunner130

    Now that Floquil is gone ...

    I remember reading something a while back about using specific paints on BRASS locomotives. I forgot to mention that part before. It also mentioned baking the base coat at 250F for 30 minutes if I remember correctly. Just have to do that while the wife isn't home. Otherwise, I'm sure it'll cost...
  8. Railrunner130


    I recently discovered my trusty bottle of Rust (I think it was Floquil) just gave up the ghost. It was a nice orange/brown that was thin and spread well for it's purpose. Besides going to powders, what paints are people using for rust these days?
  9. Railrunner130

    Now that Floquil is gone ...

    I've had an airbrush for quite a while now and not used it. Always plan to, but it so far has never happened. I did pick up some Badger Modelflex recently with the intention of painting a few engines. Thanks for the tip on the extender. I'm not sure acrylic should be used on engines though.
  10. Railrunner130

    HO Bachmann - Mantua 2-6-6-2 DCC & Sound - Your Experience?

    I'm not sure whether consolidating product lines under a single name would make things more or less confusing. I'd bet some of these designs went Mantua, Tyco, back to Mantua, Model Power (perhaps they were separate...?) and now MDC. I guess in the end what is important is that people still have...
  11. Railrunner130

    The Guy with the Train in his Basement

    It take all kinds... Good for him in that he had a vision and saw it through. I think it evolved a little along the way. I think it'd be best suited to be an in-home movie theater.
  12. Railrunner130

    Powered Trucks?

    Look at Athearn. I think they make/made what you're looking for.
  13. Railrunner130

    Snow Diorama

    Tony, yes please! If you post it, more people would benefit from it.
  14. Railrunner130

    Snow Diorama

    My narrative got a bit jumbled somewhere along the way. Here are photos of the tunnel. I decided to wire the track in the event that I wanted to hook up my Digitrax Zephyr to power lights on locomotives and rolling stock. I also decided to cut the tunnel out and build a box so that rolling...
  15. Railrunner130

    Help Identifying HO scale engine From their introduction in 1966 Tyco catalog it's an Alco Century 430. They were produced until 1986.
  16. Railrunner130

    Help Identifying HO scale engine

    I did some research a while back and guessed it to be an Alco 425. It is a Tyco. For whatever reason, most of Tycos 425s were numbered 4301. My first locomotive was the Silver Streak version.
  17. Railrunner130

    Welcome to the new Forum Software!

    Thanks Bob! Looks good so far!
  18. Railrunner130

    NOW: just an intellectual exercise - Switch track Time-Saver modified

    Yes. After visiting Bar Mills last summer, I got the bug to do a seaside, upper New England layout. My thought is pretty much the same as yours- incorporate it into John Allen's Timesaver. I have an existing "long-term, temporary" layout that is an odd dogbone and I'd like to add the Timesaver...
  19. Railrunner130

    Building the Pinacle Creek Mining & Timber Co. RR

    I'll be watching the next step very closely. The last track laying/ ballasting wasn't my best work.
  20. Railrunner130

    Forum Software Upgrade Completed

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