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    PWM Throttle circuit board

    So where can I find out more about this ? I am looking for a "good" throttle for HO DC using a combination of can and older open frame motors, mostly steam. Thanks T.C.
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    Building the Pinacle Creek Mining & Timber Co. RR

    I guess ya made it, congrats ! T.C.
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    Pre War OO Lionel

    I didnt realize I still have this stuff, I came across it the other day and thought I would post it again ? I'm not an eBay seller and would rather sell with out all the drama. If interested send me an email. Thanks T.C.
  4. T.C.

    Anyone else getting this upon LogIn?

    Are you using "internet Explorer "? I was getting error messages and having trouble loading pages from multiple sites and had to change my browser from IE as they are no longer providing support for it. I switched to Firefox and all is good . T.C.
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    Thanks for the reply Bob I guess this is one of those "use your imagination things" ? T.C.
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    Thanks for the reply Jeff This is similar to the coaling tower I'm talking about except mine has no stares or landings or hoist bucket. The kit is put out by Kanamodel out of Canada, I have contacted them and received no help other than my kit has been discontinued. The pictures are of the...
  7. T.C.


    Hi, I have an old Kanamodel kit that I bought about 30-35 years ago #106c 40 ton coaling tower, I assembled the kit and then life happened (wife and kids) so it's been sitting all this time. Now the kids are grown and I have time to resume the layout I started way back when, so I am looking at...
  8. T.C.

    Bowser M-1 Mountain (brass)

    So I'll just leave it as is, it has a clear lacquer coat on it. That was T.C.
  9. T.C.

    Bowser M-1 Mountain (brass)

    Thanks again I emailed Bowser yesterday and got a reply from Lee English who gave me a part number and suggest I look a the web site for the instructions for the kit. Only problem is the kit part number and Lee's numbers aren't the same ? So I will have to get back with him and see...
  10. T.C.

    Bowser M-1 Mountain (brass)

    Thanks I will give that a try, I looked over there site and seen only one worm with a shaft but with out a part number I'm shooting in the dark. T.C.
  11. T.C.

    Bowser M-1 Mountain (brass)

    Thanks for the replies Haven't tried looking for the part yet, ya think Bowser still has parts for something this old ? Don't know if it's rare but it is solid cast brass (weighs a ton). I would like to know if it is rare and how old it may be ? Thank T.C.
  12. T.C.

    Bowser M-1 Mountain (brass)

    Found this in a old box today, I have the parts to fix the side rod but I am missing the worm gear and shaft that connects to the rubber motor connector. Any Ideas where I can find one ? Thanks T.C.
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    Logan Valley

    Pictures ? .................................I don't see no pictures ? T.C.
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    HF Workbench any good ?

    Mark D. or is it NP2626, thank you for your reply, I'm glad you figured out the "HF" thing and T.C. stands for Terry C. Here's a saying I live by "Happy wife, Happy life" That's rite I wear the paints in my family! As soon as I get them back from my wife I'll show you ! Yes I could build a...
  15. T.C.

    HF Workbench any good ?

    Clean work shop...............First and foremost "don't do any work in it" lol Thanks for the tip on U-Tube, after looking at a few video's the bench doesn't look to bad, in fact it looks better than I thought it would. I'm not going to do heavy wood working on it, just train stuff so it will... is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to