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    New 1/72nd modeling!

    Another scale? Fine for scratch builders I guess. Also great if you want to include model airplanes, and military type models. Personnally, I've got enough of a choice between HO, O, and N. S I've always thought might be a great compromise between HO and O, or TT, between HO & N, but don't...
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    Does your homeroad/proto freelance line have a back story?

    My scheme is the Philadelphia & Scranton-a paper holding company of sorts. It was organized after WWII, to electrify a route between its name sake cities, and revitalize the Northeastern portion of Pennsylvania, by improving the rail transport of anthracite coal from all the major fields, to...
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    RIVAROSSI Locomotive

    I have a GG-1 from the early 70's. Sort of large flanges, with traction tires, but still ran as of about 10 years ago. Might have gone faster than my old Bachmann Metroliner. I also bought a C425, prior to the Atlas versions came out. Didn't pull much.
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    Wyoming Division Model Railroad - Video

    Yep, looks like Wyoming.
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    A new beginning inspired from my old Central Midland Layout

    Condolences on the loss of your brother, Eric. I'll be 57 in March, and have a younger brother who's also into trains. If he goes before I do, that will be a big hole in my life. Good luck with the sale of your business. that's a lot of stuff to deal with, plus 2 new grandchildren, soon too...
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    Full Size Paper Templates of Trackplan

    Did this years ago, when I first got started, as I had very limited space, and wanted to figure out what I could and couldn't do. In some ways, I think its more accurate than CAD, sometimes. Both depend somewhat on how you connect either sections of paper, or virtual track. FWIW, I think...
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    A Dozen New Hoppers

    12 hoppers? That's a drop in the bucket, given your sized layout-ha, ha. I've never really been into hoppers, however as a Reading guy, its a must. Maybe its because as a kid I have an LV 027 hopper that I wasn't too impressed with.
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    Comparing small GG1's?

    The K Line GG-1 as I recall is similar to the Lionel GG-1 that's 'semi-scale,' designed for tighter curves (like 027), from what I understand. They are not a full O scale (1:48) model. I just recently got a set of K Line F3s and they are very nice. Everybody I've asked has said that K Line...
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    Christmas Present

    One other thing is with Lionel, I believe they have a program, where you can order a personalized car for things like the birth of a child, or perhaps wedding anniversary, or they did do that sort of thing a few years back. the personalized cars cost more than the regular production cars, but...
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    Entertrainment Jct., Ohio

    It's about a half hour to hour north of Cincinatti, off of the interstate (I35?), depending on the traffic. Its also not too far from Dayton, maybe 45 minutes to an hour south, if I remember correctly. I was to the Air Force Museum many years ago, and was thoroughly impressed. Not sure I'd be...
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    Entertrainment Jct., Ohio

    Here are the balance of my decent photos taken back in September 2018. L to R. Engine facility handling steam to diesels. This is located between the two cities. The concrete portal in the distance connects with the skyscraper city. Above the portal you can see a profile of some hills. The...
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    Entertrainment Jct., Ohio

    And now, for your continuing viewing pleasure, another few photos from my visit to Entertrainment Junction, north of Cincinatti, Ohio. L to R- First village as you enter the display. Supposed to be from before the Civil War. Next photo is supposed to be from some time after the Civil War...
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    Entertrainment Jct., Ohio

    Tony, if I had a warehouse for model trains, after seeing this, I might go G or F scale, as I might be able to complete it in my lifetime. Have to say, it really looks like a model railroad, but with G scale/gauge trains. The city buildings are huge.
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    Entertrainment Jct., Ohio

    Willie-coming up shortly, with another 5-10 photos. FWIW, some portions of the layout I didn't take still photos of, as I thought the scenes were too dark for my iPhone, and the glass would only reflect the flash.
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    Entertrainment Jct., Ohio

    They do the transitions by having you walk thru a short tunnel. Basically, you walk into a scene from the 1840's or so, with 4-4-0 locos. From there you progress to post Civil War, then onto a 1940's to 1950's style city. After that comes a city with skyscrapers, and the double stacks. In... is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to