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    Lehigh valley train show & expo Sunday oct. 7 Easton pa

    Is this the show that used to be at Deeruff (spelling) In Allentown, south of the airport?
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    Board Games

    Wondering how many people out there have the old Avalon Hill game Rail Barron? Or Mayfair games Empire Builder, Euro Rails, or Japan Rails?
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    Model Railway Station Identification

    I sent you a message.
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    I have the Kiowa Jct. kit from Campbell, however the walls are painted, and a few of the pieces...

    I have the Kiowa Jct. kit from Campbell, however the walls are painted, and a few of the pieces of wood have been cut. I'd say everything is there, including the instructions. The front wall, I cut out a door way, as I wanted to modify the kit, however it isn't built up. I had intended to use...
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    Print Out Buildings

    I've considered a paper station shed to simulate Reading Terminal in HO scale. I think the kit was out of the UK.
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    Entertrainment Jct., Ohio

    Has anyone been to Entertrainment Jct., in Ohio, north of Cincinatti? I was there about 2 weeks ago. Very impressive layout.
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    Lionel Vision Line GG1 Amtrak train.

    judging by the shadows, the station is on the eastbound side of the tracks. I'm wondering if it might be somewhere like Linden, NJ, although the factories in the rear, do look like Philly, somewhat. Holmesburg Jct used to be the stop for my Grandmother's place. Someone should recognize the...
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    Royal Pacific Railway Layout....

    Looks good! Going to add road bed? Cookie cutter?
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    Layout for son and dad

    I thought Peco switches had power routing, hence no insulated rail joints needed on sidings, otherwise there's a dead spot between the frog and insulated rail joint.
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    Hawks NEW "MHO Junction" layout

    Town looks great! Nice interiors on the buildings. What about a passenger station and freight shed? Glad you came back to the forums. Looking forward to seeing more. Got a question about your lumber business-are the sheds a kitbash of Atlas models?
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    4' x 24' layout with 18" curves - am I nuts?

    24" is a very narrow space for 2 'full sized' adults to pass each other, should they ever need to. I'd keep the tables 4'wide, and put a scenic divider down the middle, which would also give you more room for scenery, or trees, and more trees, if you don't want to try anything else. As I...
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    John Allen's G&D Railroad

    The RMC articles on the V&O shaped my modeling, as did Bruce Chubb's Sunset Valley featured in Model Railroader.
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    New Member into O-Scale 2Rail

    I haven't seen much from Atlas O recently, in 2 rail versions, in terms of locos. From what I recall, Atlas O hasn't made a steamer as of yet.
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    O-scale questions - radius, DCC, AC

    Getting back to your question regarding O scale, DCC, and how much current the locos need, I'd say the following. Yes, you can use DCC with O scale, however you are correct, the locomotives draw more current than HO, or N scales. What would be most important if you want to use DCC for O scale...
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    HO Carailer

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