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    New member new layout design to be done

    My advice is that if you are all ready in HO, don't switch to N. You could use 24" radius curves, perhaps making the tables a few inches wider where you're got a 180 degree curve. You should be able to do something very nice with that amount of space. Good luck!
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    Make Sectional Track in larger lengths and larger radius

    If the track is going to be in a helix, why can't you use the EZ-track with the roadbed attached? Nobody is going to see it, right? I know it comes in 26" and 28" radii, plus I think 31"+, 33"+, and 35". Shinohara used to make sectional curves, but you had to buy the whole circle. Years ago...
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    New feature coming to the photo gallery

    Sounds good, Bob. Looking at photos is always interesting.
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    Construction of the Philly & Scranton

    New: Update for 1st Qtr 2018 Not much new to report since the last post. I'm thinking of changing the emphasis some, from a compressed literal model of several locations, to a somewhat more freelanced 'Delaware & Scranton, A Branch of the NEC. If I did this, my focus on a joint Reading/PRR...
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    Interesting track plan, Tupper Lake & Faust Junction

    Seems like it would be a poor design for scenery, but a good design for running trains. With very good backdrops, and a nice facia, it would probably be OK. I'd probably use a compound ladder, to get longer sidings, as well as curved and maybe a 3 way switch, if they meant I could store much...
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    Starting Over ...

    Looking at the plans, I'm wondering if the yard will be on a grade. Simplification has its merits.
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    Forum Software Vote

    Bob, I have no experience as a systems administrator with forum software. As long as it works with modern Microsoft operating systems, and will, into the future, I'm happy. I'm also a member of railroadline forum, but it takes more effort there to upload pictures than what you've been using...
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    Hawks NEW "MHO Junction" layout

    Lloyd, I'll miss you on the forums. I do fb, and sometimes comment, but don't post much of my own stuff there, as I'm not a fan of fb's IP policies. Good luck, and if you come back, I'll still be here too. Carl
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    Toasters! (AEM-7s)

    Prefer the original scheme. Phase IV scheme too drab to me. is that the Titanic in the background?
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    What is your favorite freight car and why?

    Piggyback, refrigerators, and ACF Covered Hoppers. Why? Piggyback-due to its priority, and prestiege Refers-again, a prestiege service, requiring priority handling ACF Covered Hoppers-with the smooth, rounded sides, look more 'modern' than many boxcars, and more common hopper cars
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    Going through a total loss of interest!

    FWIW, Mark, I've been in a quandary regarding scales, and which parts of the hobby do I enjoy the most. I like to run trains, + do things like paint fantasy or freelanced schemes on different rolling stock, but at this point, I feel like different scales are better for each. Add to that, I've...
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    Loco kit bash

    Does anyone know if a semi-scale GG-1 shell will fit on a trainmaster chassis? Thanks in advance.
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    Code 55 or 80?

    I'm helping a friend build the Central Midland, but in N, not HO, using code 55. He's said several times, that if he had to do it again, he'd go with code 80, and he's been in N scale for years.
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    I stepped in it now. New Layout due April 15th.

    How about some sort of CSX warehouse, or transload facility? Or a detached(from the railroad, i.e., no siding) industry being serviced by a CSX container truck? Regarding the 'fiddle yard,' I must have misunderstood your post. How about a car repair shop of some sort(getting the freight cars...
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    Expansion to the Whistlestop RR

    FWIW, don't know if its a moot point or not, but I would have spanned the joint, with a small section of Atlas track (3", 6", etc), as I've found over time that track at the edge or joint, can get banged up, and using a section of 'snap track' is easily replaceable. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to