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    Royal Pacific Railway Layout....

    Tony, How are you going to scenic the layout? Any towns or villages, or is it going to be 'out amongst the wilds of Mother Nature?' Even you scenic it so that its running thru the 'middle of nowhere,' sometimes there's an outpost of some sort, there. Or an abandoned outpost, which wouldn't...
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    And so it begins, again

    From what I've found, very few plans are developed overnight, then built out as originally planned. It looks like you have a nice sized space. More track (or layout) means more maintainence in the future. Keep us posted-everybody likes to look at photos.
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    My adventures in Ho Scale.

    FWIW, I've used Unitrak for years, to get larger curves. I also have several MRL double track spacing blocks, which I used to add a double track, with flex track. Saves some time, I thought initially. Unitrak is Code 83, in HO, from what I recall, which could be a factor with some older...
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    Florescent Lighting Color Correction

    I used fluorescent lights on my last layout, which I took down around 2010. At that time, you could get several different types or values of lamps, depending on what suited your fancy. I used some 'sunlight' lamps, and such, which were supposed to 'correct' to give the effect of sunlight. I...
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    The D&J Railroad -- From Scratch

    I've busted a few plastic couplers over the years, which, when it happens, I replace them with Kadees. I don't need the realism of busted knuckles on my layout. I also haven't gone to DCC yet, so can't do real distributed power, which might make the issues of plastic coupler failure less of a...
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    Milestone Reached

    How are things going?
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    Want to help with a new layout?

    Ian, The potential layout you've posted, I've considered incorporating into something larger, in the past. It has an interesting design, that is not all track, or scenery. Looking at your trackplan above, how about moving the mining to the left, outside of the curve, maybe on a branchline of...
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    New layout help

    Are you planning on 2 different scales, or using 2 different types of track, Kato and Atlas? I've found in HO that if you take the Kato connector off, you can connect the Kato track to Atlas track, with an Atlas rail joiner if you are careful, and shim the Atlas track properly. Good luck, and...
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    Southern Pacific Coast Line in HO

    Layout is looking good. Have you put in any lighting and interior details? I started to build the grocery exchange several years ago, and was looking at having open doors, with a view of boxes and pallets of stuff looking to be shipped to the local stores. I ended up moving, and its been put...
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    Hawks NEW "MHO Junction" layout

    Great to see you back Lloyd! Any commuter runs stopping at that platform with the complicated stairway?
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    A new beginning inspired from my old Central Midland Layout

    What do people think about replacing the 18 and 22" curves, with 22 and 24" curves? Table might need to be slightly larger, and maybe replace a few #4 switches with #6's, and/or replace #6's with some #8s in a few places. I've been considering this for a while, but wonder if anyone here has...
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    Want to help with a new layout?

    Not sold yet. How about some sort of peninsula that comes out from the lower right corner? Another idea might be a to creat an operator's pit in that corner, and have the layout make a 45 degree angle with the lower wall and the right wall? 2-3 feet wide? Could be space for a town, and or...
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    Long Mainlines....Are They Important?

    If you like to watch the trains run, a longer double track mainline might be better. Some people like to do switching in a given area, while the 'mainline train' goes around and around. My only comment is that at some point, the larger the layout, the more need for maintenance.
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    New Basement HO Layout

    Instead of using 22" radius curves, why not 24"? Will allow larger cars and engines to operate just a little bit better. Also, the branch line with the 3 sidings at the end, how about making the sidings more parallel? Remember real estate costs money in the real world, and having 2 outer...
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    New member new layout design to be done

    My advice is that if you are all ready in HO, don't switch to N. You could use 24" radius curves, perhaps making the tables a few inches wider where you're got a 180 degree curve. You should be able to do something very nice with that amount of space. Good luck! is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to