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    No kit?

    The big difference to my mind, Espeefan is what it is I like to do. Unlike many of the people involved in this hobby, I both enjoy building and have the skills to do so. Yes, I am retired however, my love of building started way back when I was 6-7 years old. To me the hobby IS building...
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    Bell Ringers

    Did diesels have mechanical bell ringers instead of man operated rope pulls to ring the bell?
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    Running Bear's December 2018 Coffee Shop

    Temperature is 27 right now. Giving up on wind, sky cover and barometer as no one else seems to think they are necessary. Might have more to say later, just wanted to attempt to be the winner this time; but, see I'm so late I should just give up! Bruette, I like me Jameson, too! Trussrod I...
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    Running Bear's December 2018 Coffee Shop

    II have found Yankee Dabbler to be a good place for my DCC Products. There shipping fees are the best I've seen.
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    Yankee Dabbler

    I have purchase things from Yankee Dabbler via Ebay before; but, until recently hadn't bought directly from their store. Here is where they are: Yankee Dabbler 101 West Kings Hwy, Bellmawr NJ 08031. I don't know how you pronounce Bellmawr and I guess that's not to important. If you are a...
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    1/72 Scale Narrow Gauge Modeling

    I think that the MDC Roundhouse "Old Time" Consolidations and Moguls are what started Doug Tagsold down the line of 1/72nd Scale Narrow Gauge modeling. The Malcom Furlow book: "Ho Narrow Gauge RR You can build", also used Roundhouse's Narrow Gauged version of at least the Consolidation. This...
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    Running Bear's December 2018 Coffee Shop

    Bruette, so are you!!!:)
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    No kit?

    Aerojet, I still build kits, I buy them at train shows; or, off Ebay and Accurail still produces kits which are probably my staple. I have over 150 freight cars on my layout all but a very few are built from kits and those that I have that where RTR have had their trucks and couplers replaced...
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    Running Bear's December 2018 Coffee Shop

    I don't want to appear to be looking a "Gift Horse" in the mouth. However, I have to ask what is up with the "Like" button? I appreciate all the likes I have gotten; but, wonder why they have been given?
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    Help with installing JMRI's Decoder Pro?

    Greg, wholeheartedly agree, stay away from things you'ld rather not be involved with. However, with the help of and the five videos on the subject Mr. Puckett has available, the learning curve is easily surmountable. I haven't found Digitrax's decoder SoundLoader all that easy...
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    Running Bear's December 2018 Coffee Shop

    Toot, I'm thinking about you!
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    Running Bear's December 2018 Coffee Shop

    Bruette, the race thing is a way of poking fun at this thread, which is all about everything and nothing at the same time. I really didn't pay much attention to Black Sabbath, excepting their first Album which had War Pigs on it, so didn't know the members other than Ozzie
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    Running Bear's December 2018 Coffee Shop

    This time of year, it's a safe bet to state that the weather is crappy in Park Rapids!
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    My Northern Pacific Butte Montana Layout.

    Last night I read about the Crash of 1873 and how devastating to the country and world this crash was. Jay Cooke, the financier of the Northern Pacific Railroad was completely devastated by this crash. I guess if anyone might have been considered a "Robber Baron" associated with the Northern...
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    Running Bear's December 2018 Coffee Shop

    I guess Bruette was even faster than I am! Although this morning, he is in second place! "The Battle Monument is 52 feet high and is dedicated to those who lost their lives defending the city…the first monument in the US to honor the soldiers instead of the generals". When I stood I.G... is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to