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    Cheap DCC decoders

    Pico scope, has the ability to decode the DCC packets. As far as wanting to control switches, lights, etc., take a look at LCC, (Layout Command Control). It runs on a hardwire network, and uses CANbus as the communications protocol.
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    Which Controller?

    If you read what he says, he wants to move to HO due to a bigger selection of equipment. Based on what you have said, I would take a look at the Digitrax Zephyr Xtra. It is a console, so it will just sit right where you put it, the Zephyr as it comes from the box, has the throttle built into the...
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    DCC 'slaving' A & B units

    It's been awhile since I've used JMRI, but I think, once it reads the CV's in the decoder, will show which output is what, and the program is free.
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    DCC Controller For Single Loco

    Doesn't MRC, make a command station, that will run one locomotive on address 3? Is it the tech 6?
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    DCC Controller For Single Loco

    ESu Cab Control, 7 amp power supply and wireless out of the box, and easy too use. Lots of pictures on the hand held, to tell you what each is for.
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    help me choose hand-laid track templates

    Take a look at Fast Tracks, ( I have several of their jigs, for HO code 83. Their products, and procedures are top notch. The switch is built using PCB ties, wit laser cut ties to fill in between. The laser cut wood ties, are attached using Pliobond glue, holds the ties very...
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    Help me understand LED's?
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    Help me understand LED's?

    I think the reason that people talk about LED's and voltage is, that is the way most people control them, use a resistor, to drop the voltage to the LED. Myself, I prefer to use the current limiters from Microchip.
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    Help me understand LED's?

    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What you have stated, would be correct in an ideal diode, but there is no such thing as a perfect diode, there is still an...
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    Help me understand LED's?

    The LED specs, (voltage, amperage) should be on the package that the LED's came in. If you bought them off of eBay, then generally in the description, they will give the specs. For the LED's that we are generally going to use in model railroading, if you don't know the specs, then using 2V...
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    Help me understand LED's?

    First a correction, a LED is not a solid state relay, it is a diode, hence the reason it will only work in one direction. On to the other questions. It takes one volt, to push one amp, through 1Ω of resistance. Power, (wattage) = volts X amps. Look for an Ohm's law wheel on the internet, and...
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    Stripping Insulation Off Thin Wire

    I have had good luck using a finger nail clippers, takes a little practice, but once you get on to it, it becomes pretty consistent.
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    Digitrax AR-1 Auto Reversing

    In your picture, is the mainline on the right or the left? Is the reversing section on the right or the left?
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    NASA Railroad

    Someplace I have a copy of the KCS timetable regarding transporting the Shuttle booster rockets. The paragraph that always amuses me, is: "In the event of ignition of the booster rocket, do not attempt to extinguish".
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    "Cold Soldering" Guns - Have You Used One?

    I have one of the new Milwaukee cordless soldering irons, works great. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to