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    Help me understand LED's?

    The LED specs, (voltage, amperage) should be on the package that the LED's came in. If you bought them off of eBay, then generally in the description, they will give the specs. For the LED's that we are generally going to use in model railroading, if you don't know the specs, then using 2V...
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    Help me understand LED's?

    First a correction, a LED is not a solid state relay, it is a diode, hence the reason it will only work in one direction. On to the other questions. It takes one volt, to push one amp, through 1Ω of resistance. Power, (wattage) = volts X amps. Look for an Ohm's law wheel on the internet, and...
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    Stripping Insulation Off Thin Wire

    I have had good luck using a finger nail clippers, takes a little practice, but once you get on to it, it becomes pretty consistent.
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    Digitrax AR-1 Auto Reversing

    In your picture, is the mainline on the right or the left? Is the reversing section on the right or the left?
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    NASA Railroad

    Someplace I have a copy of the KCS timetable regarding transporting the Shuttle booster rockets. The paragraph that always amuses me, is: "In the event of ignition of the booster rocket, do not attempt to extinguish".
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    "Cold Soldering" Guns - Have You Used One?

    I have one of the new Milwaukee cordless soldering irons, works great.
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    Using alligator clips to connect feeders to bus wire

    Here is what I like to use:
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    Metal handrail stanchions

    I have some Athearn and Atlas locomotives, that I wish to detail, where can I find metal stanchions for the hand rails?
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    Wire for feeders

    I install, setup, service, repair and rebuild them. I do have one on my furnace, humidifier, (that I built), and the drill press.
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    Wire for feeders

    That's good information. I was basing my earlier comments on VFD outputs, which is in that frequency range, and require stranded wire, of course, there is a lot less voltage/current in DCC. Just goes to show what happens, when I type without thinking first :).
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    Wire for feeders

    The original poster, did not say if he is using DC, or DCC. If using DCC, stranded, would be the preferred choice, in order to alleviate the skin effect of the high frequencies of the DCC signal.
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    Laser Cutter

    Thank you, I would very much appreciate that.
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    Laser Cutter

    What would be a good CNC router, for cutting plastic, wood, and maybe some engraving.
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    Laser Cutter

    Cut wood and plastic parts, for making buildings, some engraving, and of course to be able to say I have a laser cutter. :) Seriously, with my diabetes, my hands are very dry, and working with fine dust from model building, is raising heck with my hands. Thought this might be an alternative.
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    Laser Cutter

    Anyone have any experience with one, I've been looking at this one, any thoughts? is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to