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    The M-K & Eastern RR

    Outstanding job. Well done.
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    Bachmann Spectrum 80-ton 3-truck Shay. Maintenance doubts.

    I have had one for quite a few years. Early on I had a bevel gear problem and Bachmann did send some replacements. They no longer do that. It is an exceptionally smooth running locomotive. I don't really run it a lot. When I am working on my layout I will let trains run if possible just to keep...
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    Running Bear's July 2018 Coffee Shop

    Good morning. 56 degrees to start off the day with an expected high around 80. Never checked in yesterday. Had a chance to get some seat time in flying. Got an early start arouind 0700. A beautiful day to do some flying. Have to get the hours in to keep my license current. landed around 11 AM...
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    Trip to Butte Montana!

    Sorry that I didn't get back to you sooner. The BAP has had a number of different paint jobs over the years. They were latteredButte Anaconsa & Pacific with yellow and blue livery. Here's a photo of a pair of their boc cabs taken in Butte in 1958. Electrification was abandoned in 1967. The...
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    Did You Ever Have an Open House to Show Off Your Layout?

    My answer is no. There aren't many modelers in the area. I have run the trains for visitors not into model railroading but who wanted to see the layout. I have had model railroaders visit from out of state and we have operated my layout but nothing that would be considered an Open House.
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    Here's one that I have posted before. Builtby the Milwaukee Road shop in Deer Lodge, MT used to move the electric locomotives into the roundhouse. Powered by an EXTENSION CORD. It's still around and display that the old Milwaukee Road depot in Harlowtown, MT.
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    Running Bear's July 2018 Coffee Shop

    VICTORY - The directions really reminded me of Walthers directions. More of a suggestion, but it all went together and it works. It will be put to use tonight. My daughter and the grand kids are coming over. The weather is still fairly cool so I think it time to mow again. Later
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    Running Bear's July 2018 Coffee Shop

    Good morning. 56 degrees at 0500 and an expected high in the upper 70's. Toot - The club in Livingston is impressive. They have done some really nice work. I think the kids enjoy the Lionel layout the best. The club pays no rent or utilities. The old Northern Pacific depot is now a museum and...
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    Running Bear's July 2018 Coffee Shop

    Good afternoon. Survived the mission to town. Curt - I was more worried about the wait at the SS office. Signing the W-4R took 5 minutes and all I had to wait was 15 minutes. I thought I might need a pacemaker battery after so short a wait. Managed to get the gardening supplies and also...
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    Running Bear's July 2018 Coffee Shop

    Good morning. 56 degrees to start the day with an expected high in the low 80's with a chance of thunder showers. Ken D&J - Sorry to hear about you friend in Alabama. Bummer about the layout being dismantled. Willie - Thanks for posting those photos. That town is really coming together. It'...
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    Running Bear's July 2018 Coffee Shop

    Good morning. 58 degrees with clear skies to start off the day. The forecast high is supposed to be in the low 80's. Car talk, love it. Right up my alley. In 1987, the Buick Grand National was the fastest production car in the US. They could eat Corvettes for lunch. The 3800 engine is one heck...
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    Running Bear's July 2018 Coffee Shop

    Good afternoon. Started off at 58 degrees, but at noon we are at 87. Saving grace is that the humidity is low. The wife brought home 5 more bags of mulch during her shopping trip to town, but it is too hot to get out there and work. I'll catch that some morning before the temps start rising...
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    New HO US 1950's-60's Vehicles from Oxford Diecast for 2017

    No one that I am aware of. On American Excellence, I have seen some later model cars, but most of the luxury cars are Cadillacs.
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    Running Bear's July 2018 Coffee Shop

    obsolescence Good afternoon. Got some house chores done today and have been dragging hoses around to keep things green. Got up to 89 today. Louis - Wipe up that spill. Toot - You sure got things right with the planned obsolescence. Was talking to the service man when out dis washer crapped...
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    Laura's Book Store (DPM kit)

    Nice work on that building. Hard to believe that it's N scale. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to