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    Atlas Turntable - Custom DCC Controller

    I'm glad I could help out! Arduino is a very interesting way to add things to a model railroad and with the open nature of JMRI the possibilities are pretty much only limited by your patience. I'd love to see pics/video of your turntable now that you've got it polished up and finished. Also...
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    Atlas Turntable - Custom DCC Controller

    I am away from my layout right now, but I'm pretty sure what I did was create a monitoring system for the turnouts using JMRI sensors. The ArduinoCMRI library has support for input bits as well as output bits, so I'm thinking I have my Arduino keeping track of where the turntable is and setting...
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    Need people to test drive new realistic train control software!

    Yes, I've had several people say the tablet is not an ideal operating tool for them. I geared it towards the tablet in an effort to make it more "cab-like" (big 8 position sliding throttle, sliders for the brakes, etc), but I'm not opposed to condensing it down for smaller devices. Would you be...
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    Need people to test drive new realistic train control software!

    I agree, RailDriver is a very cool piece of technology, and I'm totally open to trying to get that working with ZephyrCab. There are two reasons I haven't already done that: 1. I don't have a RailDriver, which is partly because of the cost but I might be willing to invest in one soon 2. (The...
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    Need people to test drive new realistic train control software! Hey guys, just wanted to let everyone know this software has come quite a ways since I made this post. It's now tablet-friendly, and provides simple support for all DCC decoders (with more advanced sound features only available on certain decoders). I would still...
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    Fly Swatter static grass applicator voltage

    I can vouch for these. I built one and the hardest part was finding a suitable container to use on the "business" end. I didn't want to use an all-metal strainer because if I accidentally touch it I could get zapped, so I ended up using a plastic container with the lid cut out and mesh epoxied in.
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    Need people to test drive new realistic train control software!

    cajon, thanks for your interest in my software! I have been looking into the hardware in this area for a while and I'm excited to see where LokSound goes. However I must add this software is considerably more realistic than such a throttle, as instead of simply using exponentional curves and...
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    Need people to test drive new realistic train control software!

    Raildriver's controller is a fantastic piece of hardware from what I've heard, but is not out-of-the-box DCC capable. The controls themselves paired with a physics engine like the one I have written would make a fantastic DCC throttle (and would be even closer to Bruce Kingsley's Ultimate...
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    Need people to test drive new realistic train control software!

    Hey guys, I am working on a software to improve the realism of model railroading by giving the models prototypical controls/handling. A lot like ESU's Full Throttle feature, except way more realistic. Everything is included, even the way the Westinghouse brake system works. It should be...
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    Parking lot design help?

    I have a space behind the small engine shop in my yard that I would like to put a paved parking lot. I already have some Woodland Scenics paving plaster and all the stuff to make it, but I am a little lost on the design. There's a track that runs around behind it that I cannot remove, so the...
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    Realistic terrain with foam?

    Hello all, I have a 5x9 layout based on Atlas's Great Eastern Trunk plan. Basically a double track mainline with a passing track on one curve and a yard I added at the bottom. So kind of a lot of track. I built the layout on insulation foam, and it's time for me to start doing scenery. I've...
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    Making a programming booster?

    After extensive problems programming my TCS decoder (problems I have not had with ESU, Digitrax, and even Bachmann...but that's another story) I talked with the TCS support and was told to buy a programming booster. I have a Digitrax Zephyr. I looked at buying a booster, but they're around $50...
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    Atlas Turntable - Custom DCC Controller

    I added a piezo buzzer (if you don't know what that is, it's a very crude speaker that sounds like an old 8-bit video game) for some audible feedback. The Arduino makes a noise when it's ready to go, and if you trigger the special "go back to the home position and get ready to shut off"...
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    Atlas Turntable - Custom DCC Controller

    Those of you who are familiar with the Atlas HO Turntable know it's pretty much impossible to find a ready-made solution to add DCC indexing capability. It doesn't support an easy way to add indexing like the more expensive Walthers turntables. But for me, an Atlas turntable was ideal because of...
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    Scratchbuilding WT51 Water Tender

    I would kind of like to scratchbuild it just for the fun of it, unless the general consensus is that you shouldn't scratchbuild without hundreds of dollars in tools. "The rounded corners and rivets will be hardest to get correct unless you have the tools to properly do it." - For the rivets, I... is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to