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    NWSL News

    NorthWest Short Line Press Release For Immediate Release"NorthWest Short Line is pleased to announce that the entire line has been acquired by an NWSL employee, effective September 3rd, 2019. All existing back orders will be filled, and NWSL will be open to new orders as soon as the new websites...
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    New guy from Ohio.

    Another Buckeye joins the ranks, welcome. I'm due west of you 6 miles from the IN border.
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    Clean Track - Revisited

    I am still constructing my layout, and have been concentrating on finishing the scenery in the populated areas. I haven't run any trains for close to a year, until last night. I tried getting an engine out of my storage track and couldn't get more than a few inches at a time until the engine...
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    Shop on Amazon and help the forum at the same time.

    I used to be an Amazon associate also. You won't get rich from them, but I had a steady trickle of funds coming my way with no input from my end. Nice monthly bonus. :D
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    New Oxford HO models

    Here is a link to new vehicle models from Oxford. They have high quality, inexpensive models that look great on any layout. These are for future delivery, but they are going to be on my layout as soon as they are available. Enjoy! Joe
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    Operation: Car cards vs Switch Lists & RailPro(?)

    I am the only original member of our RR club. From the very beginning, it was designed for operation. We started with members cars, then the club bought or accepted donations of equipment until we finished the layout. Now all the equipment is club owned and member owed cars are not allowed on...
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    Con-Cor UP trailer-on-flatbed

    If you have problems derailing or the trailer falling off with the weights that high, you could put them on the sides of the trailer down low. Just distribute them equally. Joe
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    Train Inventory Software

    JMRI has a free easy to use inventory program. It's under the "operations" section. I just wish the operations part was as easy to use as the inventory part. Joe
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    Who of you, love building kits?

    Back in 1956 I received my first 1/25 scale model car kit that I built. That Christmas I received a 1/8 scale Chrysler slant six engine kit. It took me several weeks to complete, but this thing was super cool. You could remove the manifolds and watch all the innards rotate, move up and down, and...
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    Model Railroad Swap Meet - Greenville, OH 3-3-2019

    The Darke Co. Model Railroad Club is holding our 38th annual Train Show on Sunday March 3, 2019 from 10am to 3pm. This will be held at the Darke Co. Fairgrounds Youth Bldg., at 800 Sweitzer St. (St Rt 49) at the south end of Greenville, Ohio 45331. Coming in from the south turn left at the first...
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    Stemmers Run Station

    Closed in 1956. Here's a link.
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    Foam lined engine cradle

    Did you build this to transport your engine or to work on it? Joe
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    Using Pan Pastels....

    I use Pan Pastels. They are are colored chalk impregnated in a (clay ?) base. They go on easily and stay where you put it. I would suggest that you get a set of application handles with removable foam pads. It makes application much easier. You can also use makeup sponge wedges, but they are a...
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    Looking for decals, signs, interior photo for toy store

    The new Walthers Hobby shop has a cardboard pop up type of interior that looks pretty good. Joe
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    center track spacing for hidden staging tracks

    You may wind up inventing new cuss words as you derail the cars in front trying to rerail a car in back. You definitely need more verticle space. Joe is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to