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    Walthers Special cars ...

    I was wrong there is a peanut car (has a giant peanut on a flatcar).
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    Walthers Special cars ... looks like there is one they call the "impact test" car. But maybe that is all of them
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    Non-helix, Multi-level Layout

    Make the whole layout a giant helix!
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    Rolling Stock and Mixing Eras

    I do more of an odd approach. I only collect John Deere branded rolling stock (ok maybe a few oddities that I really really like), but they made anything from steam to modern bullet trains which I have almost all of the "sets". And I like to run them all. So here is what I do. I start in the...
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    Federal Railroad Administration

    I had a similar experience a year or so ago, mine was with a UP car in Southern Idaho. Even more odd to me was that it was two engines, then three UP passenger cars (chrome/stainless steel) that looked brand new, and then a half a freight line behind them. There were people in the cars to.
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    Oh I thought we were talking about oddities and homemade jobbers
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    Cornerstone Cattle Pens - What Color to Paint?

    alot of times they would whitewash the fence rails to make them last longer, and sometimes use tar (black) but most of the time they would be a combination of grey weathered and brand new boards (to make up for the wild cows trying to get out)
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    HO scale John Deere trains and rolling stock

    I didnt know the RS3 came in its own box, till i bought this last unit. I missed it though, not enough cash for both. I believe there is an RS3 in a set to that has track tractors on a flat car.
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    HO scale John Deere trains and rolling stock

    Holy old thread but im still around! Yup I know what you mean. I have so far compiled a pretty extensive list of everything produced. I would say i have 60% of everything produced in the ol' green and yellow. Im getting to the point where my missing pieces are either really rare or really...
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    Weekly Photo Fun - 2/14/16 to 2/21/2016

    Rico have many real locos have you saved?
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    The TEXAS
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    Wpf 08/15 - 08/22

    Sweet Thank you! It helps me visualize the route a lot better
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    Wpf 08/15 - 08/22

    Do you have a copy of the track plan on this layout?
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    Do NOT rely on eBay FeedBack being HONEST!

    So I deal with Ebay as a buyer 1-2 times a week (not an expert) but I have had attempts at getting ripped off, mislead, ect several times. What I do to protect myself is this: When I see a listing I like I print it, save the pictures to my computer, and analyze the seller, I really try to go...
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