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    Scratchbuilding a turntable

    Wow, what a long time frame you have been building your turntable (2010-2020) !......but you are doing a marvelous job ! I chose a much more more simplistic manner when I built my first one...
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    Track Laying Tool? Sharpie pen idea worked, I can mark the centerline,...or mark the outer edges of the ties, ...or just mark the turnouts, then connect the tracks.
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    Full Size Paper Templates of Trackplan

    Hey Jeff, thanks for that idea. I discovered today that a black Sharpie pen would mark thru my brown paper. I think this is the route I will pursue.....lots easier than a pounce wheel, etc.
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    Track Laying Tool?

    Looking for the name and description of that 'wheeled type' tool that would mark the centerlines of track onto the subroadbed of plywood thru the paper pattern lying on the plywood. I have most of my track plans drawn out full scale onto brown 'construction paper', and now I wish to start...
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    Full Size Paper Templates of Trackplan

    What type of paper were you using that allowed the ink to soak thru? ...brown construction paper like that I drew my plans on??
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    Bachmann ON30 engines

    How does one determine the younger or older age of there On30 locos? I have several On30 locos that are still brand new in their boxes,...that I bought a number of years ago when a well known hobby shop was going out of business. I had been thinking of taking them to Thailand, but instead they...
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    What Sound Decoders do you like?

    I must admit to being a total novice with respect to this sound/DCC decoder questions. Weren't the Tsumani's suppose to be a BIG step up from the original Soundtraxx decoders? From the sounds (pun) of things those T 1's were not as big a deal as they were publicized to be??
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    What Sound Decoders do you like?

    I'm a little confused here: 1) Did the Ts1's all have bulky capacitors? 2) Did the Ts1 all have a 1 amp limit,...and the Ts2 have a greater amp rating? 3) Are there Ts2 in skrink wrapping?
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    What Sound Decoders do you like?

    What do you think of the 1st edition Tsunami over the #2? I've met a guy who replaces all of his early Tsunamis with #2, and is willing to give me a good price on the originals he took out.
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    Wiring Lighting for HO Locomotive Static Display

    Never really thought about this, but are you saying that all those locos that we have with 'stock factory MARS lights' don't operated with DCC installed?? On another note, how about these flashing lights on a trackmobile...
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    LED strip lighting for elevated shelf layout?

    Have a look at these LED lighting fixtures,....good lighting, inexpensive, durable, light weight, linkable, easy to mount....
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    What Era do you Model?

    I agree with Eric,... I jokingly call my layout the "ANY Era Layout"
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    A new beginning inspired from my old Central Midland Layout

    Hi Eric, I agree with you, 'any era layout' I had written in the past,... I just like Model Trains,...of all sorts....the scale miniaturization. I'm particularly fond of steam engines, and particularly the large ones. I'm a fan of C&O, B&O, NW, etc, etc. And as a kid of course I had the...
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    Big Feeling Layout in a small space,....logging layout

    Is that article about the small layout hard to access? I'm quite surprised at the lack of interest??
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    Adapt Bachmann Vandy Tenders to Run Behind Other Engines

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