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    Running Bear's Coffee Shop LXIII

    Thread Starter: santafewillie

    Here's the new place, sit down and enjoy. Willie

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    Adding an Auto Assembly Plant to my CL&W Sub Layout

    Thread Starter: CSX_road_slug

    I haven't really posted much about my existing B&O Cleveland, Lorain, & Wheeling Subdivision layout ever since the under-construction photos I did a few years ago. This is mainly because I wanted to have at least a dozen op sessions to discover any hidden flaws - you know, the kind that only...

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    Mitch's N Scale

    Thread Starter: SunsetLimited

    Hey everyone, I just thought I'd be bold and show off some of my N Scale Roster and previous layouts. They said this forum loves photos, so here goes. :p

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    Pan Pastels Review

    Thread Starter: Genetk44

    Pan Pastels One of the things I really enjoy about model railroading is testing my abilities and testing myself. I keep seeing modellers on various forums saying they are afraid to try this or that for fear of either damaging or ruining something or just failing at it. I decided early on in my...

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    Does anyone use Krylon dulling spray (instead of Dull-Cote)?

    Thread Starter: Chevron_GATX

    Dulling spray is an industry-standard removable spray used in film and TV production to reduce reflections. Has anyone used it in a modeling application? I want to dull certain scenery items, but I may also want the option to change my mind and "un-dull" it. I've read that Testors' Dull-Cote clear...

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    BCK RR

    Fuels for our trains , homes etc..

    Thread Starter: BCK RR

    Hearing and reading about this anti fossil fuel Protest ...made me laugh! RailPictures.Net Photo: Canadian Pacific Railway N/A at Albany, New York by John Sesonske see caption.. Heres my thought. Hasn’t anyone in this Protest realize that we need just more than wind and other alternative...

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